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Chunlong Liu

Update time: 2011-09-20

 Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
No. 138, Haping Rd., Harbin, Heilongjiang, 150081,China,

Tel: 86-451-86691101, Email: liuchunlong1976@163.com 


1994.09-1998.07: College of Animal Science and Technology. Heilongjiang August Fist Land Reclamation University,Mishan,China,

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Agricultural

2001.09-2004.07: College of Animal Science and Technology. Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China,

Major: Ruminant Nutrition

Academic Degree: Master of Agricultural

2004.09-2007.07: College of Animal Science and Technology. Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China,

Major: Ruminant Nutrition

Academic Degree: PhD of Agricultural 



Research Assistant, 2002-2008

 Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology, CAS,Harbin, China

Research Associate, 2008-Prensent

Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology, CAS,Harbin, China


 Director, Heilongjiang Association of Animal science and Veterinary Medicine

Director, Chinese Association of cattle



My research focus on the rule of dairy cow,beef cattle,sheep on agricultural ecology system,especially on rumen fermentation and ruminant management extention. Since attended the job from 1998, I have been involved with 24 research projects in our department, which including National Natural Science Foundation of China , National Ministry of Agriculture Program , National Ministry of Science and Technology Program, The Development Fund of Heilongjiang Province and Youth Research Found of Haerbin et al. All these projects proved to be great booster to my capacity in conducting independent research.



In recent years I have been written and published 30 articles as the fist author in many Chinese and English central journals of animal science, which including Chinese Journal of Animal Nutrition,Chinese Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Agricultural Sciences in China, Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture , China Biotechnology , Ecology of Domestic Animal, Journal of Southwest Agricultural University, Jiangsu Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Journal of Heibei Agricultural University and Journal of Northwest Sci-Tech University Agriculture and Forestry et al .

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In recent years, I have been applied or acquired nearly 10 patents, and most of them based on beef cattle, dairy cow and sheep production.


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