The visiting of Professor Isgouhi Kaloshian from University of California, Riverside

Update time: 2016-06-24

Professor Isgouhi Kaloshian, one famous international nematologist from the department of Nematology of University of California, Riverside, was invited by Professor Congli Wang, Research Leader of Agricultural Pest Control Group on June 19-21th, 2016. She visited our institute after she visited Jiangsu Academy of Agriculture Sciences as a foreign expert supported by Jiangsu Foreign Expert Bureau. She gave a talk to the scientists and students in Harbin District on June 20th, 2016. Her presentation title was ‘Tails of two distinct plant immune responses against root-knot nematodes’. She talks about the latest research advance in her lab about Mi gene resistant to both root-knot nematodes and potato aphids (insects) in tomato plants. She gave a vivid and wonderful seminar about the resistance mechanisms against nematodes and aphids. She established one model to explain the different pathways involved in the basal resistance and defense response which could be common in the interactions between plant and diseases/pests. These research was published in high-level journals, such as PNAS、Plant Biology、Science、Plos Biology、New Phytologist、Annual Review Phytopathology、Plant Journal、Plant Physiology、Molecular Plant-Microbe Interaction (MPMI). She obtained many awards and she was invited to give a talk by quite a few international conferences.During her visiting, Professor Wang introduced her research projects and progress. Her lab members introduced their own experiments and some interesting research results to Professor Kaloshian. She provided a very helpful suggestions. She was impressed on the research progress obtained by professor Wang’s group. She taught students how to set up experiments, how to conduct experiments and how to write a scientific paper. The visiting of Professor Kaloshian definitely played a key role for further collaboration.







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