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Scientists Reveal Transgressive Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematodes in Soybean Chrom... 2021-04-10
An important research progress in the field of transgressive root-knot nematode resis... 2020-12-04
An important research progress in the field of nematode chemotaxis 2020-08-31
Highlight on microbial molecular ecology associated with the fate of soybean residue-... 2017-03-24
Research Advance of Ethylene Response Pathway modulating early interaction between Pl... 2017-02-21
The research advance on the interaction between entomopathogenic nematodes and their ... 2015-06-10
New Advances in World Mollisols Research 2012-04-10
A new soybean variety released 2011-11-04
New findings on photosynthetically-fixed carbon to the soybean-grown in Chinese Molli... 2011-09-21
The molecular basis of major maturity E1gene in soybean has been deciphered 2011-09-21
T4-type virus found and classified firstly in Chinese mollisols 2011-09-20
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