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Three dimensional study of wounded plant roots recruiting entomopathogenic nematodes ... 2015-06-10
Developing suppressive soil for root diseases of soybean with continuous long-term cr... 2015-04-17
Allelic Variations at Four Major Maturity E Genes and Transcriptional Abundance of th... 2014-08-26
GmFT4, a Homolog of FLOWERING LOCUS T, Is Positively Regulated by E1 and Functions as... 2014-08-26
Construction and targeted retrieval of specific clone from a non-gridded soybean bact... 2014-08-26
Effects of long-term fertilization on contents and distribution of microbial residues... 2014-08-26
Impact of long-term application of manure, crop residue, and mineral fertilizer on or... 2014-08-26
Molecular analysis of the major capsid genes (g23) of T4-type bacteriophages in an up... 2011-09-16
Leaf Nitrogen Status as a Main Contributor to Yield Improvement of Soybean Cultivars 2011-09-16
Seasonal allocation of photosynthetically fixed carbon to the soybean-grown Mollisols... 2011-09-16
Specific assemblages of major capsid genes (g23) of T4-type bacteriophages isolated f... 2011-09-16
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